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THE HOLIDAY KIT is a dreamy set of three full-sized Darling products.
Designed for the long-awaited summer season, this unique premium kit will transform your summer skincare routine, providing moisture and protection to your skin before, during and after sun exposure.
Featuring three face and body products, The Holiday Kit includes: the brand new SCREEN-ME SPRAY SPF30, plus our iconic TAN ACTIVATOR and AFTER-SUN. This amazing trio comes in a beautiful, soft and smooth vegan leather bag. A special accessory to add a touch of pastel pink in your summer.


The kit contains:

DARLING Screen-me Spray SPF 30 150ml/5.07Fl.Oz.

Face and body lightweight spray lotion with highbred spectrum protection, UVA and UVB, suitable for all skin types, with a strong moisturizing and nourishing action. It has an innovative formula with a strong anti-aging, anti-spot and moisturizing action, together with anti-oxidant and soothing properties.
It's formula is rich in top-quality active ingredients, such as Moringa Seed Oil, a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil, Hyaluronic Acid to preserve skin hydration and elasticity and Niacinamide, a key ingredient to prevent and fade dark spots.

DARLING Tan Activator 150ml/5.07Fl.Oz.

Face and body treatment suitable for all skin types, ideal for preparing, intensifying, prolonging the tan and strengthening the skin's natural defence mechanisms against photo-aging. The formula is enriched with Vitamin E to reduce skin stress and prevent skin aging. It also contains Coconut Oil and Apricot Oil to help maintain skin elasticity. Thanks to Tyrosine and other natural active ingredients it stimulates the natural melanin production.

DARLING After-Sun 200ml/6.76Fl.OZ.

Face and body lotion suitable for all skin types, with a strong soothing and emollient action thanks to the presence of Chamomile, Mallow and Aloe Vera. The formula is enriched with Melissa and Menthol, able to give a soothing and refreshing effect and ensure the necessary hydration and freshness after a sunny day. Coconut Oil and Apricot Oil help maintain skin elasticity.