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Today we’ll talk about the main topic of the month. What are we referring to? To our earth, of course.

As you probably know the 22th of April we all celebrate the Earth Day, a special occasion to focus on what we can do for our planet and how to put our intention into something handy. Each year a main theme is established and this year it’s time for “Invest in our Planet”.

Click here to read more about the projects that will feature this year edition.

In DARLING we can’t help but wonder, what can we do to invest in our planet?

This question has filled our minds since the very beginning. Just as we always place great importance on skin care by producing skin-friendly premium products, we also pay close attention to our impact on the environment.

We need to be kind with our skin, and kind with our planet, don’t we?

So grab your coffee cups Darlings and keep reading to discover 3 concrete point of our statement and our Sustainability promise.


First of all our packagings are fully recyclable. Did you know that it is possible to make a super sustainable kind of plastic from sugar cane? In DARLING this is possible.

This kind of plastic it’s called GREEN PE and you can find it in our GLOWY FACE CREAM packaging and in every cap of our iconic bottles.

Its properties are:

  • It’s made from a 100% renewable raw material.
  • It captures and fixes CO2 from our atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gases emission.

Isn’t it unbelievable? Let’s just imagine how much CO2 could be captured in one production. We bet you can’t!

But this is not all. All of our Darling packagings are mono material, in Green PE or PET (100% recyclable) to offer the benefit of simpler and more effective recycling. The colouring processes carried out on our bottles have no impact on how the product is recycled, as only biodegradable and environmentally friendly substances are used. Also, most of Darling products don’t have a secondary packaging in order to protect the environment by preventing the production of unnecessary waste.


Our online orders leave you speechless with their beauty and attention to details? Well, there’s much more to know! They are all shipped in boxes made of recycled and FSC-certified paper, 100% recyclable.

Do you know what FSC means? It means that a particular product meets the “gold standard” ethical production. The wood is cropped from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.


Do you remember that super cute DARLING custumised bag that your last order came with? If you don’t remember it, it means it’s time to fill your DARLING shopping cart again.

Anyway this little bag it’s entirely biodegradable, made with raw materials of natural origins 100% renewable. Maybe in two years it will be something totally different, who knows?

What’s more Darlings? Here some of our promises.

  • All little fluffy rabbits are safe with us!

All products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free, we will never test our products or ingredients on animals nor do we use suppliers who test them on our behalf. Our products do not contain animal-based ingredients or animal derivatives.

  • Bye Bye Paraben!

Paraben and Nickel are bad buddies to us. All our products are Dermatologically Tested, PARABEN FREE and NICKEL TESTED. Darling is 100% ingredient transparent. We avoid any raw materials that are considered toxic or harmful to sensitive skin. Finally, our approach is to constantly review our ingredient list on an ongoing basis and take action as new information becomes available.

Do you want to know more? Contact us at or write to us directly at @darlingofficial.

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