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Every year the same old story.

As soon as December arrives, the hectic search for Christmas gifts begins. It comes with performance anxiety, combined with the desire to make the people around us happy and the competition with that friend who always gives the classiest gift of yours.

At this stage of the month, there are two kinds of people: those who have already given gifts with black Friday bargains – the classy friend – and others who realized Christmas is at the door only a few hours ago.

If you are in the second group never mind, we are here for you! In this article we will talk about the the best holiday-saving gifts there can be, quick in delivery and valuable for being that friend who brings the classiest gift.

So keep reading the article and selecet the right for you.

Frederick Malle – travel set limited edition

Set Limited Edition

The minimalist design of this set encapsulates class and functionality, lending a sophisticated note to anyone who uses it.

The limited-edition travel set features a selection of three perfumes for him: Vétiver Extraordinaire, Bigarade Concentrée and French Lover. This special set comes with a bakelite case with a magnetic cap. A perfect gift for her. On the website you can also find a “for men” Edition.

HERMÈS – Poudre d’Orfèvre

Designed by Pierre Hardy, this precious and compact poudre is a perfect gift for your friends and mothers. The texture is fine and golden with metallic highlights, envelops the skin with a veil of light.

A formula with a transparent heart, with a high concentration of golden mother-of-pearl: Poudre d’Orfèvre is the highlighter you will never forget this Christmas.

Drunk Elephant trunk 6.0

Drunk Elephant Pink trunk

Packed with skincare wonders, it can be used as a picnic cooler. The Drunk Elephant Christmas trunk is by Laka and contains no less than 17 products for face and body, including 10 full size! This trunk dresses a pop peach pink and it keeps your food and skin care products cold during sunny days at the beach. It’s perfect also for long car travel in order to keep your things cold for New Year’s Eve night.

GHD – Gold Lilla Styler

Ghd Styler Lilla Gold

The best seller in the GHD family is gift that every girl would like to find under the Christmas tree. Featuring dual-zone technology and two next-generation heat sensors to maintain even heat distribution on both blades.

The design is simple and minimal, with pastel lilla shades and gold details that add a classy touch to the whole product.

DARLING – The Holiday Kit

Last but not least, our iconic The Holiday Kit. This is a perfect set to gift to every SPF lover or to the lucky ones that are leaving for holidays to some tropical places.

It’s a set of three Darling must-have products to care for your skin before, during and after sun exposure. A true skincare survival kit for under the sun days.

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