How many times did you hear about the well known Vitamin E? You read it on your favorite product’s inci, on brand’s Instagram feeds, and from your favorite influencer. But why is itso important for our skin?

In the DARLING’s family we are crazy about this ingredient, and It is contained in most of our references:

In this article we set up a little beginners guide to vitamin E world to help you better understand its properties and how to use it properly. Keep reading to know this multifaceted element.

Vitamin e serum application

What is Vitamin E?

First, a little bit of science. Though vitamin E is often thought of as a single compound, it’s actually a group of eight fat-soluble compounds with powerful antioxidant effects. The ones most commonly found in skincare products are Tocopheryl Acetate and Tocopherol.

What about its properties?

Its benefit for the skin are widely recognized, and they are:

  • Antioxidant action: it increases cell renewal and helps to contrast free radicals;
  • It contrasts the signs of aging;
  • Anti-infiammatory action: It allows you to treat acne breakouts and eliminate all facial blemishes, redness, and treat skin micro-injuries;
  • Bye bye wrinkles: it treats and prevent the formation of wrinkles, helping to smooth out small scars and make the skin firmer;
  • It fights sagging skin;
  • It has a very important action against the negative effects of UV rays.

How touse it?

Benefit of vitamin e on our skin

Nowadays you can find Vitamin E literally everywhere. Vitamin E is available in cream form and as an oil for topical use. It’s added to many cosmetic products, including anti-aging creams, eye serums, sunscreens, and makeup.

The best way to use it is in combination with vitamin C.Since vitamin E is your free radical-fighting friend, you want to put this on in the morning before you start your day for maximum benefits. This is why the best morning match could be a Vitamin C serum followed by a sunscreen that contains Vitamin E.

In this way your morning routine will be a time of protection and prevention of damage, and you’ll boost your skin with anti-oxidants and protection.

In the same way as you drink your daily multi-vitamin in the morning, make sure you’re giving your skin the same protection. Ready to try?

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