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There is clearly a trend to fill our homes with Christmas balls and stockings as early as November, without dwelling too much on how well these look match with fornitures or lights in the living room.

In this article we want to create a small vademecum of trendy colors and decorations that go with some particular types of interior design visions. We will present 3 interior design styles and the elements that can match together.

So if your house is in line with these styles or you just want to take some inspiration keep reading this article. You’ll make Santa’s village envious this Christmas!


Minimal style living room

The watchword in this style of design seems to be “less is more”. Pieces of furniture with simple, sharp lines take center stage. The main feature is the permanence of light, soft colors, with the addition of a stronger color as an accent. Sometimes you can find some plants that bring a touch of green: the jars keep that simplicity of the entire style.

The best thing to do for this style is a small tree with a jute vase holder, in which we insert just a few warm Christmas lights (gold to be clear) along with a few balls, simple in style and not too articulate.

Shabby Chic

tipical shabby chic desiTipical shabby Chic design

This style is what we might call the most baroque of the three. Its design combines elements of vintage and modern styles to create an elegant and rustic atmosphere. This decor theme is characterised by its use of soft colours, gentle textures, natural materials and romantic appeal with a country-cottage feel.

For this style, snowy Christmas trees are perfect: they will give the living room a perfect rustic style, remaining in harmony with the fairy-tale atmosphere of the furniture. This is the style in which you can go heavy on ribbons and tapes, since they will add a touch of romance to the whole thing. If you want to add some more magical spark you can use some snowy pinecone decorations

Shabby chic Christmas ball

Urban Industrial

Industrial Style is best expressed in open-space environments. The living room, entrance hall, dining room and kitchen become one large living area. Indeed, typical of this style is an exposed brick wall, along with dark wood furnishings.

urban decor living room

Your Christmas decorations should go in this direction. The materials are those that take back to the world of industries, factories and workshops: aluminum, iron, concrete, glass, brick, raw wood. As concern Christmas trees you can stay traditional but also try something a little more in line with this design, by using an iron tree with big, simple Christmas ball.

Urban decor
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