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Meet the Darling Detangling Hair Brush, your new go-to accessory for effortlessly beautiful hair. Styled in our iconic pastel pink and adorned with the Darling logo, this brush is perfect for use on both wet and dry hair. Designed with flexible silicone bristles of two different lengths, it offers numerous benefits for your hair.

The long, flexible bristles gently detangle your hair, reducing breakage, while the shorter bristles smooth it, leaving it soft and shiny. This brush effortlessly works through knots without pulling or damaging your roots, ensuring your hair remains healthy and radiant. Compact and chic, it’s the perfect accessory to carry with you to the beach or keep in your handbag, ready to use before styling or anytime you need to tame your tresses.

Crafted from 100% recyclable materials, the Darling Detangling Hair Brush is as eco-friendly as it is effective.

Material: 100% recyclable PS + TPEE