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Today we are here to talk about an initiative that is very close to our hearts, the temporary e-market BZR – SAME BUT DIFFERENT curated by the NextGen UNICEF Italy Community.

The best part? We’ll do it through the words of one of the people behind this amazing project, Ilaria Norsa – fashion stylist, entrepreneur and board member of Next Generation by UNICEF Italy.

The mission of Next Generation UNICEF Italy is to activate its networking and exploit new communication channels to create a more dynamic fundraising system, creating a community that acts to guarantee inviolable rights to all, such as the right to protection, care, nutrition, education and training.

Being part of the community means not only sharing its values but also wanting to get involved in the first person by actively supporting the project. Taking action and not standing by is the motto of Next Generation UNICEF Italy.

One of the people who has taken this motto literally is Ilaria Norsa.

She has indeed made a special contribution to the set up of an innovative fundraising system: BZR – SAME BUT DIFFERENT, the temporary e-market of second-hand objects and more, curated by the NextGen UNICEF Italy Community, whose aim is to raise funds to guarantee a better future for many children and adolescents in the world.

The first edition of the project was launched from 10 January to 4 February 2022, and it was an incredible success. The proceeds from the first drop were used to support UNICEF’s emergency relief programs in Afghanistan, with the aim of providing all the school supplies needed for one year for over 9,200 girls and boys to continue their education.

The second drop of this unique temporary e-market will be online online from 13 to 23 April and is in support of the emergency in UKRAINE.

We are happy to announce that DARLING is taking part to this second edition through the donation of different beautiful sets of products, that we hope you’re going to love!


But now, let’s find out more through Ilaria’s words.

Hello Ilaria, thank you very much for accepting our invitation. Would you like to briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your path?

I’m a stylist and fashion consultant from Milan, but for the last ten years I’ve been living between Milan and Ibiza, my adopted place of heart. For the last couple of years I have been working as a stylist alongside an entrepreneurial project: I am co-founder of the accessories brand INAN STUDIO.

When did you join NextGen and what does it represent for you?

About a couple of years ago. I enthusiastically accepted the challenge to contribute to the extraordinary work that Unicef does to help children all over the world. NextGen represents for me an important opportunity to do good, through innovative channels and initiatives, but also the possibility to connect and collaborate with very interesting people like the members of the group and the Unicef Italy team.

How did the idea for BZR come about and what was it like to be able to realize this ambitious project?

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, I was aware of the (sometimes excessive) accumulation of clothing by people in the sector, or at least of those who are passionate about it. Initially, I envisioned BZR as a physical marketplace where fashionable people with an interesting style and a “surplus” wardrobe could donate something that was superfluous to them for a good cause. The pandemic curbed our enthusiasm for creating a physical event, but we managed to realize our idea in the form of an e-market, which I think proved to be a winning choice. In addition to the ‘second hand’ concept, we soon added the idea of including products donated by companies that were in line with the BZR aesthetic. The success of the first edition has rewarded us with new contacts and a great deal of interest from media and brands eager to contribute to our initiative.

What do you see in the future of BZR? What could be the next developments of the project?

We would like to involve more and more donors: both companies, which we select carefully, and private individuals who are not necessarily linked to fashion but also to art, entertainment, and music – or why not, even some anonymous donors. We have just added the beauty and kids categories, which we plan to develop further, and the home section is also enjoying great success and deserves to grow. In general, we aim to increase the number of garments and items offered to the public to offer more choice, while maintaining the meticulous process of selection and research that makes BZR a “cool” charity where you can find unique pieces.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up, check out the site and remember: buying means donating, Darlings!

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