Hi Darlings!

Here we are with another leap into the fashion world. Last week we saw feathery dresses popping up in runway shows from Valentino to David Koma. More and more brands have put their spin on the fluffy plumed trend and now feathers filled our Instagram feed. How not to love it?

Have you wondered why everyone is so obsessed?? Well Darlings, there is a kind of retro glam and sophistication that makes feather wearers look different, chic and very special. It’s a kind of stylish costume outfit that is both sexy and fashion forward.

How this Fever started? You should know that this is not new, darling, but goes back to ancient times. By the eighteenth century, with Marie Antoinette assuming the queen role in France, wearing feathers had become a distinctly feminine fashion. The Queen was able to promote this trend through her distinctive hairstyle, until it became one of the most prominent elements that adorned their looks. Isn’t it stunning? Feathers are even more entrenched than we think.

Surprisingly, feathers are trimming just about every causal item this season, not only on fashion shows or in Royal Courts. From charming cardigans cuffs and collars to sweatshirt sleeves, leggings, and t-shirts in Valentino shows; even wide-leg jeans and cable knit sweaters are plucked with the stuff.

Feathers arrive even on Bridgerton stage. The little Diamond of the season Edwina Sharma wore a gorgeous feathered dress last week for Elle Australia. We are totally in love with this dress, aren’t we?

The feather micro-trend is upon us and it’s time to dress for the joy of giving your look the dopamine hit it deserves. So go on, take your inspiration from few of D feathered faves, all of which are on their way to becoming 2022 essentials. Keep scrolling the gallery, add a bit of plumage to your wardrobe and get ready to steal the show during this spring.

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